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Rivky Grossman


Rivky’s musical career took off last year, with the writing and recording of her first Album-EP, Angel Sings the Blues. Raised in Brooklyn, New York, Rivky's music combines unique beat structure, a folksy blues style, and the influence of her Hassidic culture upbringing. Rivky's work has been compared to Jacques Brel, Laura Nyro, Billy Joel, Sara McLachlan, and early Regina Spektor. A self-taught musician, Rivky lives with Schizo-affective disorder, which, she says, plays like a fuzzy, backdrop hum in her day to day routine and ignites her creative spark. Follow Rivky’s music at .

Watch Past Performances

Video 3/18/2014: Brian Sanders, Rivky Grossman, and Virginia Lum

Presented by the Kennedy Center Office of VSA and Accessibility, this program of contemporary and classical repertoire features cellist Brian Sanders, a 2006 VSA International Young Soloists Award winner, vocalist/pianist Rivky Grossman, and pianist Virginia Lum.

Rivky Grossman