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Tom Paxton


Tom Paxton has been an integral part of the songwriting and folk music community since the early 60s Greenwich Village scene, and continues to be a primary influence on today's New Folk performers. The Chicago native came to New York via Oklahoma, which he considers to be his home state. His family moved there in 1948, when Paxton was ten, and he graduated from Bristow High School and The University of Oklahoma, where he majored in drama, while his interest in folk music grew and eventually predominated. 

Brought to New York courtesy of the US Army, Paxton remained there following his discharge. His early success in Greenwich Village coffeehouses, such as The Gaslight and The Bitter End, led to an ever-increasing circle of work. In 1965 he made his first tour of the United Kingdom, the beginning of a still-thriving professional relationship that has included at least one tour in each of the succeeding years.

Paxton has performed thousands of concerts around the world in Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Hong Kong, Scandinavia, France, Italy, Belgium, Holland, England, Scotland, Ireland and Canada. His songbooks, critically-acclaimed children's books, award-winning children's recordings, and a catalog of hundreds of songs (recorded by artists running the gamut from Willie Nelson to Placido Domingo), all serve to document Tom Paxton's 40-year career.
Folk Musician Tom Paxton