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Antonia Zegers


Antonia Zegers was born in Santiago, Chile, and studied drama at Gustavo Meza's Drama School. During the nearly 20 years of her career she has developed a large experience in film, television, and drama. She has participated in many films, and of particular importance have been her performances in Matías Bize's Saturday (2003) and The Life of Fish (2009). Her acting roles in Pablo Larraín's trilogy on the Pinochet dictatorship also include Tony Manero (2008); Postmortem (2010), in which she won the award for best actress for her role of Nancy Puelma at Havana Film Festival and Antofagasta Film Festival in 2010; and NO (2012), Chile's first film nominated for an Academy Award in best foreign language film. On television she has appeared in more than 15 telenovelas. She has participated in several series, the latest one Profugos on HBO, now in its second season. In theater she has participated in more than 20 works with leading Chilean directors, such as Ramon Griffero and Rodrigo Perez. Her recent theater performances include the works Chilean Burial (which was recently invited to the international theater festival in Lisbon in July 2013), written by Sergio Vodanovic and directed by Cristian Plana, and Death and the Maiden, written by Ariel Dorfman and directed by Moira Miller, which has for more than two years been in theaters in Santiago. For her performance in Death and the Maiden she was nominated for an Altazor Award in 2012.

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