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Les Twins


YouTube sensations Larry and Laurent Bourgeois, aka "Les Twins", are multi-talented entertainers, choreographers, dancers, and much more. These identical twins from France are arguably some of the best dancers in the world.

Les Twins are recognized for their distinctive ability and skill at blending dance moves and techniques, from hip-hop to classical, showcasing their outstanding musicality, precision, timing, fluidity, and uncanny synchronicity. Inspired by babies, their mom, and animation, Larry and Laurent's "twins style" of dance incorporates a high level of artistry, acrobatic technique, daring innovative moves, and brilliant comedic timing.

Larry and Laurent have won prestigious international dance competitions, including Juste Debout, Freestyle Session 15, Battle of the Stylez, and Hip Hop International, and are one of the key top premium channel partners working with DanceOn.

Les Twins have also been featured on TV and commercials, and they have worked with several major artists, including Missy Elliott and are currently on tour with Beyoncé & Jay Z.
Les Twins

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