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Makadem is one of the most renowned artists in Kenya, known for his fusion of Kenyan music with his native Luo benga music. He began his career as a tour guide in Mombasa and entertained guests with his guitar. He now combines benga and ohangla styles that he refers to as “Anglo-Ohangla” which is a fusion of ohangla (traditional Luo music based on Luo drums), nyatiti (Luo music based on a Luo lyre), and dodo (traditional Luo music singing style) styles of music mixed with other modern African beats with heavily accented Luo-English vocals.

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Video 7/3/2014: Makadem

The renowned Kenyan artist fuses benga and ohangla music in his own “Anglo-Ohlanga” style. Part of the 2014 Smithsonian Folklife Festival.