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Thaylobleu, an elite four man squadron of DC Hip-Hop legends turning heads in DC’s hallowed and revered Punk community, is led by Terence Nicholson (Opus Akoben) on lead vocal/guitar with Darrell Perry (Poemcees) on lead Guitar, William Vaughan (Storm the Unpredictable) on bass, drummer Joe Hall, and featuring DJ Ayce International (Opus Akoben/Infinite Loop).

Watch Past Performances

Video 8/23/2014: Thaylobleu & Godisheus: Chocolate City Rocks!

Chocolate City Rocks opening night featuring performances by GODISHEUS and Thaylobleu: two Funk Rock bands comprised of award winning Washington DC based and homegrown Go-Go, Hip-Hop, and Poetry superstars. Hosted by Risikat Okedeyi (LSP).