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Eastern Music Festival Piano Program


The Eastern Music Festival and School is one of this country’s foremost training programs for aspiring young musicians between the ages of 14 and 20, presented within the nationally known summer music festival.

For over 45 years, the central focus of the Eastern Music Festival and School has remained the needs of the pre-professional student. The School at EMF limits enrollment to no more than 200 students, making this unique program “up close and personal,” ensuring access to faculty, visiting artists and artistic staff, and creating an extremely nurturing and friendly environment.

Recognized nationally by artists for its superior piano program, the five-week session offers a limited number of piano students the opportunity to work with some of this country's finest teachers and performers. A Steinway Festival, this year's program is enhanced by the addition of three artist-in-residence, as well as popular visiting artists.

The School's Piano Program accepts up to twenty-one qualified students for enrollment. The five-week program features formal instruction through private lessons, master classes, chamber music studies, and a variety of interesting classes offered each year focusing on everything from technique to the history of the instrument.

The focus of the Piano Program is intensive study with the Festival's resident faculty. Students work on repertoire already in progress, improving technique, and learning new repertoire for student piano recitals. Teacher assignments are made at the beginning of the Festival. Students have ready access to more than 40 Steinway and Steinway-affiliated pianos - including at least 15 grand pianos - for daily practice and rehearsals.

Each week, piano students participate in a master class led by resident faculty members. Several students are invited by the faculty to perform in master classes given by the guest artists-in-residence. These guest artist master classes are open to the public.

Watch Past Performances

Video 7/14/2014: Eastern Music Festival Piano Program

Students of one of the leading summer programs for pre-professional musicians play a variety of works.

Video 7/17/2012: Eastern Music Festival Piano Program

Students from the summer program for pre-professional musicians perform a program of classical works.

Eastern Music Festival Piano Program