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Kista Tucker


Kista Tucker Insights (AKA Kista Tucker Dance, Inc.) was founded in l995 in upstate New York. In 2000, the company relocated to Washington, D.C. when Kista moved to teach at George Washington University and at the University of Maryland, College Park. After Kista completed a Visiting Professor Position in D.C., Texas became home base as the company became a resident company at Sam Houston State University. In 2007, the Rochester, New York area came to be the company's new station to create and perform. While there, the company incorporated as a non-profit, tax-exempt organization. And now, Kista Tucker Insights is in residence at Creative Dance Center based in Northern Virginia. Where Kista Tucker goes, so goes the company.

Company goals include producing several projects, including The Korean War Veterans Memorial Project, a series of PTSD Benefit Concerts, The David Lynch Project: Randolph County, and the annual Kista Tucker Summer Intensives. The power of artistic physical movement can accomplish unbelievable feats.
Kista Tucker