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Rozsafa Folk Ensemble


Hungary is famous for its lively folk dance and music, presented with colorful costumes and unique instruments. Living Hungarian Folk Art is a family-fun performance that captures the authentic spirit of the Carpathian Basin — you’ll feel like a visitor to a Hungarian village as you enjoy enchanting melodies, folk games, and even a short “dance house” — that’s a Hungarian dance lesson! Béla Bartók — Hungary’s most famous composer — used folk music just like this in his symphonies; Bartók said that Hungarian folk traditions are “beautiful to the eye; beautiful to the ear”… and you’ll think so, too!

Hungarian authentic folk melodies and dances from the Carpathian Basin. This music will transport you into the village lives of the films Gadjo Dilo and Latcho Drom. Perhaps Béla Bartók described it best; “beautiful to the ear, beautiful to the eye.” 

Dance teaching after the concert: Fun folk games and dance teaching for adults and children. This event will be fun for the whole family!

Watch Past Performances

Video 11/3/2014: Rózsafa Folk Ensemble (Hungary)

This program features traditional Hungarian folk music and dancing. Part of Kids Euro Festival 2014 and presented in cooperation with the Embassy of Hungary.

Rozsafa Folk Ensemble