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Chord-Ayres Male Chorus


On Tuesday evening, October 21st 1969, ten men and an accompanist met in the basement of the Minnesota Valley Lutheran Church, rural Louisburg, Minnesota. These Visionary young men and their accompanist were Jim Boraas, Mike Crosby, Sherwood Dove, Glen Nelson, Ron Schoephester, Orrin Tofte, Paul Trelstad, Luther Trelstad, Roger Voorhees, David Wasberg and Nancy Moen. This was the beginning of a men's chorus that was to continue for the next forty years. They named themselves "The Chord-Ayres" referring to men's voices sung in harmony. Little did they realize that their small group of ten would soon become a much larger group of men; some farmers, businessmen, teachers, retirees and others who would leave their jobs and everyday concerns and get together just for the love of singing.

Watch Past Performances

Video 11/14/2014: Chord-Ayres Male Chorus

Started in 1969 and invited into the Minnesota Music Hall of Fame in 2012, the group brings a program to the stage inspired by Veterans Day.

Chord-Ayres Male Chorus