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Eishin Nose's The Gate


Eishin Nose's The Gate is an interesting piano and percussion duo touring with a set list of Eishin's original tunes.

They have been playing together since 2007, having recorded the album, Inside Out dream originally as a trio with bass.

At a gig in NY in 2009, they challenged themselves to play without a bass which took them in a completely different direction, opening up The Gate and Eishin's score to greater free improvisational expression. That concert became a live album entitled, The Gate and was released to critical acclaim. The duo found their music changed form, rhythm and harmony on the spot, and their sound evolved into a wonderful interpretation of all different music styles within the groundwork of jazz. 

Eishin discovered new ways to play, utilizing a complex pattern of left hand fingering while simultaneously releasing his right hand for freer accompaniment. Satoshi likewise has taken distinct steps off the beaten path, experimenting with new sounds and beats that have taken the duo to tread innovative new roads.

The Gate's ultimate challenge is to forever break new ground, and create a sound only they can make.

Watch Past Performances

Video 11/23/2014: Eishin Nose's The Gate

Jazz pianist Eishin Nose and percussionist Satoshi Takeishi perform selections from their critically acclaimed 2012 live album, The Gate. Presented by the S&R Foundation.

  Eishin Nose's <i>The Gate</i>