The Kennedy Center

The Revivalists


The Revivalists are:
Dave Shaw – vocalist/guitarist
Andrew Campanelli – drummer
Zach Feinberg – guitarist
George Gekas – bassist

The Revivalists are a band formed out circumstances as rare and unusual as they themselves are.  After Hurricane Katrina ravaged New Orleans and the surrounding area, the Tipitina’s Foundation in the city realized that its goal of preserving New Orleans culture through encouraging young musicians was becoming more important than ever.  Local musical legends organized this movement and became responsible for the meeting of college sophomores Zach Feinberg and Andrew Campanelli.  The two young musicians soon became friends, but one being a guitarist and the other a drummer, they recognized that in order to form a band, they would need both a talented vocalist and a solid bassist.  Their prayers were answered when one day, while Feinberg was biking through the neighborhood; he came upon a boy who had just moved from Ohio.  Feinberg was stirred by the boy’s soulful voice and excellent guitar-playing skills and the two soon hit it off.  Dave Shaw had just moved from Columbus, Ohio, and he soon became part of the New Orleans musical scene the next day, when he and Feinberg performed in the French Quarter.  From that moment on, the three boys became close friends and decided to call themselves The Revivalists.  According to the band members, “the band name is meant to conjure a feeling of excitement for the regeneration of New Orleans post-Katrina, and nod to the music of the past that we admire so much and play with a revivalist’s religious fervor.”  However, despite great success with their awesome fusion of funk, reggae, and classic New Orleans rock, the continued cycling through bassists.  Again their prayers were answered when George Gekas showed up and proved himself to be the most amazing bassist for which they could have asked, and from that moment on, they began to reach levels of success of which they had not even dreamed in the past.  The Revivalists have broken out of Orleans Parish and are have begun touring the through the Southeast, as well as through parts of Shaw’s Ohio homeland.  This amazing mix of young talent is sure to be doing great things in the upcoming years.
The Revivalists