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Marko Hatlak


Accordionist Marko Hatlak has been performed on Slovenian and international stages since 2000. He has played as a soloist with symphony orchestras in Slovenia and abroad, such as Moscow Philharmonic, Jena Philharmonic, and RTV Slovenia Symphony Orchestra conducted by En Shao, among others. He has performed inchamber music ensembles with internationally renowned musicians such as Stefan Milenkovi?, Vlatko Stefanovski, Stefan Hussong, Miho Maegaito, Una Palliser, Mate Bekavac, Karmina Šilec, Neil Innes, and Tommy Emmanuel; as well as in tango and ethno ensembles including Marko Hatlak & Funtango, Distango,  and Terrafolk. Hatlak has appeared on several records featuring tango, contemporary, baroque, classical, and ethno music. He has made music for film and theater, as well as shows for primary school pupils.
The experiences he gained from being involved in different projects and genres are now united in a solo concert. All of these pieces are now intertwined in a single evening, making the concert particularly charming as listeners are exposed to the broadness of the accordion. From witnessing the energetic melodies in the rhythm of tango, to a trip through the hidden corners of the Balkans, the northern fringes and the southern borders on the wings of folk music. The baroque and contemporary works, the main focus of Hatlak’s several years of studies in Germany, open the immeasurable depths of harmonies of the composition genius  J. S. Bach.. Hatlak uses a comical tone to tell stories about the pieces he heard and spices up some of them by singing. His unique, original interpretation of each individual piece, regardless of the style, evokes an emotionally thorough and authentic experience in the audience.

Watch Past Performances

Video 5/23/2015: Marko Hatlak

The Slovenian accordionist explores the versatility of his instrument in a solo concert featuring baroque, contemporary, and folk music. He infuses each performance with witty storytelling and spices up some of the pieces with singing. Part of the Third Annual European Month of Culture. Presented in collaboration with the Delegation of the European Union to the United States and the Embassy of Slovenia.

marko hatlak