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NOKA is a Basque-American trio from Chino, CA ( Founded in 1997 by Andréa Bidart, Begoña Echeverria and Catherine Petrissans, NOKA performs songs in Basque, particularly those using the “noka” familiar address form, used when speaking to one girl or woman with whom one feels konfiantza (trust). Use of “noka” began to decline in the 19th century, though speakers from some small villages (many of whom immigrated to Chino) continue to use it. NOKA has recorded three CDs which increasingly include songs we have written or arranged ourselves. NOKA hopes to revive interest in Basque songs about women – especially those using noka forms – through our music.

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Video 7/3/2016: NOKA

NOKA is formed by the daughters and granddaughters of Basque immigrants, specializing in songs about Basque culture, gender, and identity. Hailing from California, they are joined by modern folk singer and songwriter Mikel Markez.

Part of the Smithsonian Folklife Festival.

Free general admission tickets will be distributed in the Hall of States starting at approximately 5 p.m., up to two tickets per person.