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The Del Ray Kinderchoir


The Del Ray Kinderchoir provides an opportunity for children in grades 1- 4 to experience the joy of group singing in a non-competitive environment, while developing and strengthening fundamental musicianship skills. Children sing from the rich offerings of American and international folk music as well as from classical repertoire. Besides singing in many different languages, children strengthen and develop a healthy singing voice, learn to hear and sing intervals, read, write and sight-sing music and develop melodic and rhythmic improvisation skills. In the Del Ray Kinderchoir, children do more than just sing songs. They internalize and understand music through the voice --an instrument that offers a uniquely holistic foundation to building strong musicianship skills. For more information, visit

Watch Past Performances

Video 5/3/2017: Dearborn Community Chorus

The Dearborn Community Chorus performs a variety of choral music including diverse styles from popular show tunes to classical standards, while offering its members an opportunity to have fun and enjoy each other’s companionship. Founded in 1963, the 75-plus member choir has encouraged and promoted the development of a vital cultural environment within the Dearborn area in Michigan while providing entertainment for the community throughout its long history. Featuring The Del Ray Kinderchoir.

  The Del Ray Kinderchoir