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Blackbirds and Bullets


Led by award-winning composer/director and Clean Feed Records artist Billy Fox, Blackbirds & Bullets fuses jazz improvisation with rhythmic, melodic, and harmonic impressions from Africa, the Middle East, and South Asia.  The result is a genre-defying celebration of creative self-expression fueled by deeply churning grooves.  It’s jazz for the heart and hips.

This New York-based ensemble is comprised of young musicians who have worked with several of the leading names in jazz and experimental music, such as Mark Dresser, Steve Coleman, Lonnie Plaxico, Cassandra Wilson, Valery Ponomarev, Kirk Knuffke, Lukas Ligeti, Walter Thompson, and many, many others.

Blackbirds & Bullets’ debut album “Dulces” will be released in 2010 on Clean Feed Records, a Lisbon, Portugal label recognized internationally for incomparable standards of excellence.

Blackbirds & Bullets members Gary Pickard and Arei Sekiguchi are also part of Billy Fox’s Kitsune Ensemble, an improvising chamber ensemble performing of music inspired by Japanese cultural and historical topics.  Gary Pickard also appeared on Fox’s Clean Feed debut, “The Uncle Wiggly Suite.”

Blackbirds & Bullets is:  Billy Fox, composer/director; Gary Pickard, soprano and alto sax; Miki Hirose, trumpet; Matt Parker, tenor sax; Evan Mazunik, keyboard; James Ilgenfritz, bass; Arei Sekiguchi, drums.
Blackbirds and Bullets