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Felina Backer


Whether she is bringing joy to audiences through her vocal prowess or assisting a student on their path to a successful future, Felina Backer is a true inspiration to everyone she encounters. From her first performance in 1983, it was obvious that a new star had emerged. In her own special way, Felina uses her talent and spirit to transcend negativity and serve as a driving force in her community.

In her quest to share her gift, she has traveled extensively throughout the United States, Canada, and Haiti. She has performed everywhere from weddings and funerals to community events and political functions. On December 9, 2000, Felina released her first solo CD at her third anniversary concert. The CD features twelve recordings -- including ten original compositions. In 2003, CIME Production Company took control of her CD and distributed the album in Europe. Recently, she participated in a major music and video production entitled “Atis Pou Ayiti.” She was one of a group of talented Haitian artists who joined together to pay tribute to Haiti and celebrate her 200th year of Independence.

She has always used her talent in service of her community. This is evidenced in the many honors she has received. In 1991, she was the recipient of The French Gospel Music Awards (FGMA) for "Best New Female Artist.” In December 1999, she was the lead performer at The Caribbean Images 4th Annual Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Awards Ceremony, where she was honored with an award for outstanding leadership -- an event which also featured and honored many well known and respected community and political leaders. Then, in 2004, she was named the Top Caribbean Gospel Singer. Felina was also honored with a proclamation from the City of New York for service toward her community.

Over the years, her voice has reached hundreds of thousands of people – including many youth. In fact, her deep concern for the young people in her community led to her desire to become an educator. While continuing to perform, Felina earned a Master’s Degree in Mathematics Education and began teaching middle school math. Her quest to improve her community did not stop there. As someone known for a relentless work ethic, she went on to earn her second Master’s Degree in School Building Administration and started a PHD in Educational Leadership. This led to her appointment as an assistant principal at a 6th-12th grade school in Brownsville, Brooklyn. In addition to the long hours she spends working with youth, and sharing her gift of song, Felina also excels at fashion and clothing design. She lends a hand to decor -- including handcrafts, and interior decorations.

A deeply and intensely spiritual woman, Felina gives all praise and glory to her Father in Heaven for the inspiration and the ability to transform that inspiration into something positive. She has written and recorded a single entitled "Justis" (Justice) on Joy Records label. The message in this song is extremely powerful. It tells of the injustices we are faced with on a daily basis -- misuse of power, innocent killings through stray bullets and gunfire. The song’s message ends by telling us that only through God can we make things right; a message she strives to send through her many talents. As singer, song writer, educator, and visual artist, Felina possesses myriad gifts that have been and will continue to be a blessing to all.
Felina Backer