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Tempei Nakamura


Japanese composer and pianist, Tempei Nakamura’s music is attracting fans and creating a maverick style in the piano field. With beautiful melodies and futuristic rhythms, he has both powerful and nostalgic pieces. His music enhances the beauty of the piano with his brilliant technique. His music is influenced by classical music, jazz, progressive rock etc. and not tied to any specific genre.

Tempei has never taken the common route as a pianist during his career. He was born in 1980 and grew up in Kobe, started playing music from the age of five, but completely stopped in his early teens. When he was 14, the Great Hanshin earthquake took place, and his house was fully destroyed. About that time he was rebelling against the school system, brawled often and stayed out of social rules. After dropping out of high school in half-a-year, he spent his days working in physical labor, such as demolition work. When he was 17, he felt an urge to change his life, and realized that the only thing he had ardor for was music. He first studied in a music academy, and then got into the Osaka University of Arts - Piano Course, and graduated with top honors in 2004.

In June 2008 he released his 1st piano solo album"TEMPEIZM", and in November 2009, the 2nd album"TSUBASA" through EMI Music Japan. At the same time, his biographical essay book was published from Poplar Publishing. The originality of his compositions and his tough appearance grabbed the media’s attention, and was covered by TV, radio, magazine etc., and his music had been used on many TV shows. Now he based in New York and Tokyo, performing recitals in many places, and keep creating music with travelling all over the world.
Tempei Nakamura