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7 Sons of Soul


The 7 Sons of Soul, comprised of six men all from Washington, D.C., are lead singers Cliff Jones, Deonte Gray, producers Dave “Davey Boy” Lindsey,  Kenneth Epperson Jr., Ronnie Lindsey, Joel Tate, and Matthew Tucker. 

The first question is always why is the group called 7 Sons of Soul? Dave Lindsey, who also plays keyboard and produces and writes much of the group's music, explains that "God represents both the first and the last son. He is the alpha & the omega, our beginning and our end. The name of the group really represents both the number of completion, 7, which is God's perfect number according to I John 3:2. We are sons of soul because we are guided by Him, the Father, and we are all His sons. "

The five-time Grammy Award–winning and two-time Stellar Award–nominated 7 Sons of Soul reveal their higher purpose by merging urban contemporary music with secular instrumentation. Jones, who is well known as both a producer and manager in mainstream music circles, has worked with several top-selling artists, including Dru Hill, Ginuwine, Gladys Knight, and Will Smith, says he never sings R&B. "Although Ive been a part of managing different groups and have been offered R&B deals, I'm convicted to stay true to what I'm called to do and I can only record Gospel music - I love Gospel, it's in my heart; it's a part of me," says Jones. 

Their music pays tribute to yesterday, is an indication of tomorrow, and the combination is perfect for today.
Seven Sons of Soul