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Janet Yagoda Shagam


Janet Yagoda Shagam is an artist emerging from a long career in the sciences. Shagam, who lives and works in Albuquerque, New Mexico, began creating art after the return of childhood epilepsy. Her fascination revolves around “the closer look” that reveals a cultural and universal attraction to natural phenomena, organic forms, and the emotions they may evoke. Shagam’s artistic training consists of workshops with local printmakers, several advanced printmaking classes at the University of New Mexico, and lots of hard work. She is interested in how subtle relationships between line, shape, and negative space can create a sense of emotional tension. Her techniques include layering and the concurrent use of multiple printing media such as lithography, collagraph, woodcut, and copperplate etching. Her work has been on display in the United States, Europe, and Asia and is included in the collections of several museums, both domestic and international.
Artifact 02: Suburban Remnants, Circa 21st Century A.D.