The Kennedy Center

Jesse Higman


Jesse Higman’s paintings contain traces of the process used to create them. Higman developed his own method of action painting using water as a medium by creating a “wave table,” where he pours solutions of mica flakes over black landscapes using a variety of techniques and constructions. Higman, who has quadriplegia, works with assistants and other participants in the creation process, and these contributors converge in the studio to create systems resembling cosmic weather or ecosystems as they evolve and settle into final patterns. He received his bachelor of arts degree from Eastern Washington University in 1992 and has been very active in the music scene, designing album and tour artwork for bands such as Heart, Alice in Chains, and Soundgarden. Higman, who lives in Seattle, recently received the 2009 Seattle Mayor’s Arts Award.
Spleen, interface acrylic poured on masonite