The Kennedy Center

Sunaura Taylor


For Sunaura Taylor, painting is about seeing, a seeing that is both political and personal—personal, through its intense subjectivity, and political in its slowness, its individuality, and its absurd inefficiency. Taylor, who has arthrogryposis multiplex congenita, believes that every body is a site of politics, philosophy, and perception. She creates works that deal with issues surrounding disability/normalcy and animal ethics, with the belief that having a disability allows her to see that these seemingly unconnected issues have many parallels and similarities. Taylor received the Grand Prize in the 2005 VSA/Volkswagen Group of America, Inc., exhibition, Driving Force, and has been active with VSA Georgia, where she has curated and exhibited her works. Taylor lives in Oakland, California and received her master of fine arts degree in 2008 from the University of California–Berkeley. She has since exhibited her art in various venues throughout California and New York.
Culled Male Chicks in a Dumpster, oil on canvas