The Kennedy Center

Rhonda Zwillinger


Arizona artist Rhonda Zwillinger creates crocheted glass tapestries that refer back to the idea of “women’s work” and utilize a maximalist approach to create a “come touch me” sensuality. After receiving her bachelor of fine arts from Brooklyn College in 1971, Zwillinger became active in the East Village art scene in New York City. At the height of an international career, Zwillinger developed multiple chemical sensitivities, but she saw this as an opportunity for aesthetic reinvention and switched from traditional art materials to glass, pearls, and gems. Hanging from armatures made from rusty, scavenged tools, Zwillinger’s pieces initiate dialogues about contrasting surfaces, high art versus craft, what we choose to keep and what we choose to discard.
'Horse Blanket', mixed media (44 inches by 18 inches by 4 inches)