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Akademiska Kapellet


Akademiska kapellet (Lund University Academic Orchestra) was founded in 1745 with the aim of adding festive music to ceremonies at Lund University, Sweden. The size of the group has varied over the years. Today it is a full symphony orchestra which forms the centre of classical music making among the approximately 40.000 students of Lund University.

Apart from fulfilling its original duty to embellish ceremonies such as the inauguration of new professors and the conferment of doctor’s degrees, Akademiska kapellet offers public concerts with symphonic programs. The orchestra is eager to promote talented young composers from the region of southern Sweden.

Akademiska kapellet regularly goes on tour within Sweden as well as abroad. In 2008, the orchestra performed at the Berlin Philharmonie. Other tours have gone to Amsterdam, Bologna, Cambridge (UK), Copenhagen, Helsinki, and Munich. This is the orchestra’s first visit to the USA.
Akademiska Kapellet