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Pasatono Orquesta


Pasatono Orquesta has been an ensemble interested in and dedicated to the musical culture of the Miztec people. After spending time in Guerrero, Puebla, Oaxaca, and immersing themselves in the Miztec community, Pasatono has nourished itself with the musical customs of the “people of the clouds,” including singers, banjoists, bassists, violinists, and composers whom possess great knowledge of their musical culture.

In 2008 the Pasatono Orquesta was created, an ensemble that is reminiscent of the old mixed groups of strings, wind instruments, and percussion that are nowadays almost extinct in the Mixtec region. Such Mixtec orchestras as “Orquesta de Don Fernando Salazar” of Tezoatlán de Segura y Luna, the “Beethoven Orquesta” of Coicoyán de las Flores, or that of Don Rafael Angulo and that of Maestro Pimentel of Tlaxiaco used to accompany weddings or play in the evening on public plazas.

The Pasatono Orquesta has performed at Lincoln Center in New York, the National Center of the Arts in Mexico City, the Henestrosa Library and the Macedonio Alcalá Theater in Oaxaca, as well as in the communities of El Jicaral, Coicayán de las Flores, or Yucuquimi de Ocampo, Oaxaca.
Pasatono Orquesta