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Jean-Francois Danzi


Jean-Francois Danzi was a German composer and teacher.  He was first instructed in music by his father, Innocenz Danzi who was a cellist.  Danzi later studied music theory with Abbé Vogler.   From 1778-1783 he served as a cellist with the Mannheim Orchestra.  In 1783 he joined the Court Orchestra in Munich as a cellist, succeeding his father, and remained until 1790. 
He married a singer in 1790, and after she died, he served as Kapellmeister at in Stuttgart from 1807 to 1812 and in Karlsruhe from 1812.  One of his students there was Carl Maria von Weber. 
Danzi was an accomplished singing instructor and wrote valuable vocal exercises. Danzi's wind quintets and concertos are prized above his 15 operas or his sacred works.  He was one of the first to conduct operas from the podium rather than from the keyboard.
Jean-Francois Danzi