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Richard Davy


Richard Davy was a 15th Century early Renaissance English composer and church musician.  A student and scholar of Magdalen College, Oxford in 1483.  He became their choirmaster and organist 1490-92 and held the job as organist and "informator choristarum" this job he shared equally with William Bernard.  In 1497 he is believed to have become a Priest of Holy Order, and also during this period he was a vicar-choral at Exeter Cathedral until 1506.
Richard Davy is listed as the second most represented composer in the Eton Choirbook.  The Eton Choirbook, is an important resource of written Tudor church music surviving from the 1500's.  He contributed nine compositions including his most celebrated composition, the Passio Domini in ramis palmarum or Passion. 
Richard Davy enjoyed work as a Senior singer at Fotheringhay College in Northamptonshire near Oxford in 1512.  He held the highest paying salary there until 1535.  His last will and testament dated March 31, 1538 requested a burial in the middle aisle of the Parish side of the Church near Composer Cotterell's gravestone.  
Richard Davy