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Toni Trent Parker


Black Books Galore! and Kids Cultural Books founder Toni Trent Parker was a pivotal figure in the world of children's literature. Her 1998 paperback, Black Books Galore! Guide to Great African American Children's Books (John Wiley & Sons), is a comprehensive guide for parents and educators. Featuring annotations on 500 books and references to more than 200 others, it was the most complete in the field. Also in 1998, Parker launched Kids Cultural Books, a non-profit organization created to organize African American and Multicultural Children's Book Festivals with the purpose of promoting literacy, encouraging reading, and providing communities with the rich resources of African American and other ethnic children's literature. Through the book festivals, produced in cities around the country, Kids Cultural Books has reached thousands, introducing them to countless books and to those who create them. Parker's other titles include three more in the Black Books Galore! series: …Guide to Great African American Children's Books About Boys (2000), …Books About Girls (2000), and …More Great African American Children's Books (2001). Hugs and Hearts, Painted Eggs and Chocolate Bunnies, Sweets and Treats; Snowflake Kisses and Gingerbread Smiles, and Being Me: A Keepsake Scrapbook for African American Girls were all published in 2002. Her last book, Sienna's Scrapbook: Our African American Heritage Trip, was released in September 2005 by Chronicle Books.
Toni Parker