The Kennedy Center

The Giving Tree Band


If you ask Todd and Eric Fink of The Giving Tree Band how much time they spend making music, your voice will not be heard above the din of their banjo and guitar, respectively. For the Brothers Fink, there is no distinction between playing music and just plain living. No two days are ever the same, as every new moment is their most creative. Their bodies and instruments become a singularity that is just trying to get in tune, stay in tune, and add a little harmony to the grand symphony of life.

When asked to cite influences, they will rarely speak of musical figures. They will proudly recite their genealogy, and celebrate the direct bloodline flowing from Mike Fink, the legendary folk hero known for his exploits on the Mighty Mississippi River. On their mother’s side, the sol smiles down on the path that connects them with Hernando de Soto, the Spanish conquistador who first discovered the aforementioned Mississippi. And so, the Finks grew up with a sacred reverence for nature, one that often collided with a reckless passion for adventure. It is only natural that their musical vision includes a plan to canoe the entire Mississippi River while touring cities along the massive waterway.

Following their lifelong desire for a band, the Finks have extended their brotherhood into an epic collective of like-minded souls, known throughout the world as The Giving Tree Band. Further inspired by extraordinary adventurers who led impressive supporting casts, the GTB has become a modern musical version of such historical outfits as Ben Franklin and The Honest Whigs, Frank and Jesse and The James Gang, and Theodore Roosevelt and The Rough Riders.

Though the story of The Giving Tree Band is still being written, it can already be said that these musical frontiersmen are redefining “virtuosity,” which is traditionally understood as dizzying displays of technical wizardry. But what is missing from this definition is the root word--Virtue. And it is upon this foundation of Virtue that The Giving Tree Band weaves their musical tapestry--by playing every single note with integrity in order to purposefully craft each part, by playing every single part with humility in order to serve the song, by playing every single song with honesty in order to resonate with the listeners at the show, by playing every single show with gratitude in order to appreciate this special privilege in life, and by playing life with a heart full of love in order to realize that it is all music, and it is all beautiful.
The Giving Tree Band