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Johannes Fede


Johannes Fede, (aka Jean Sohier) a French composer was born in Douai, France in 1415. Most of his relatives were presumably from Douai based on the names listed in the Cambrai Cathedral, Paris.

He held several positions in different churches. He was vicar in Douai at Saint Ame in 1439 – 1440 and thereafter  he was employed at the chapel of Leonello d'Este, Marquis of Ferrara from July 1445 to March 1446; as a petit vicaire at Cambrai Cathedral from 30 June to 23 November 1446, chaplain at Ste Chapelle from August 1451 to February 1453 (Charles d'Orleans' chapel) and to chapel of Queen Marie d'Anjou. In 1466, he might be the contratenor who sang at S. Pietro (St. Peter) in Rome. Based on payments documented up to 1477, he was further employed in three chapels namely Ste Chapelle, Bourges from 1472 – 1473, royal chapel of Louis XI in 1473 – 1474, and as canon of Ste Chapelle, Paris. 

Some of Fede's work in a Farrarese manuscript (late 1440) are two Magnificat antiphons. Other compositions in Chansonnier Nivelle de La Chaussee include O Lumen in his Tractatus practicabilium proportionum (1482), Tout a sa dame, A la longue and Mon cuer et moy. The text of O Lument and Tout a sa dame are also in Die Liederhandschrift des Cardinals de Rohan, Gottingeng (1923). The three music compositions were typical of central-French technique. It was believed that he died in 1477 in Paris.
Johannes Fede