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Gianluca Pellerito Quartet


Gianluca Pellerito was born on May 1st 1994. He started playing the drums at the age of 4. It was thanks to his lucky meeting with the drummer Gianni Cavallaro that young Gianluca started studying the drums. Sebastiano Alioto and Toti Denaro were his first teachers and reference points.

At the age of 8 Gianluca became part of the Boston Berklee College of Music, one of the most important schools in the world and took part in the Berklee Summer School at Umbria Jazz Clinics. The teachers of the Berklee Ron Savage, Marco Volpe, Dave Clark and Claudio Zanghieri have been very important for Gianluca's training because in that period he also had the opportunity to attend the composition and arrangement course held by Larry Monroe, director at the Berklee School. In the year 2002, after taking the certificate of attendance at the Summer School, Gianluca made his debut at the Umbria Jazz with an ensemble of the Berklee directed by Dave Clark.

On that occasion Gianluca was invited to attend the prestigious "Perugia Classico", a training course held at Conservatorio di Perugia. There he had the occasion to be part of the master class held by the famous drummer Christian Meyer and to attend the support clinics with the drummers Roberto Gatto, Ellade Bandini, Mariano Barba and the seminars of ensemble music by Danilo Rea and Stefano Bollani. After coming back to Palermo, at the age of 9 only, he performed at Teatro Massimo on the occasion of a Rotary Club benefit concert .

At the age of 10 he met The Brass Group teachers Ignazio Garsia and Vito Giordano. There Gianluca found a new dimension first with the teacher Gianpaolo Terranova and then with Giuseppe Urso and finally with Sebastiano Alioto, his present teacher.

At the age of 11 he had his first experience in a recording studio. During the summer of 2006 he had the opportunity of performing with the Brass Group Big Band and in September of the same year he was called by Rossano Gentile, "Dirotta su Cuba" leader, as a special guest at their live concert in Modena. In January 2007 Gianluca was included in the bill of the Brass Group concert season together with several famous musicians such as Rachelle Ferrel John Pizzarelli, Four Freshmen Antonio Forcione, Kenny Barron, Billy Childs, Martial Solal.

On January 25th 2007 Gianluca performed in his own live concert with "Orchestra Jazz Siciliana".
In May he performed as a special guest at a concert with Emil Richards and his Orchestra.
In June he was also a special guest on the occasion of a concert with Nick the Nightfly and and his Orchestra. In the summer of the same year he performed as a special guest with Dirotta su Cuba during their live tour. In August he was invited to take part in the Castelbuono Jazz Festival where he was awarded with the prize as "best discovery of the year", an award that had also been given a few years before to the talented Sicilian musician Francesco Cafiso. On that occasion Gianluca performed with the masters of the Italian jazz: Enrico Intra, Franco Cerri, Giorgio Rosciglione, Gianni Cavallaro.
In September 2007 Gianluca started the great adventure: he founded the group "Gianluca Pellerito and friends". The group if composed by: Giuseppe Vasapolli (pianist, composer and arranger of the project), Vito Giordano (trumpet and flugelhorn player), Daniele Comoglio (sax), Giuseppe Milici (harmonica) Osvaldo Lo Iacono (electric guitar), Max Laganà (electric bass), Gianluca Pellerito (drums).
In February 2008 Gianluca was invited to open Peter Erskine concert and Orchestra at Teatro Golden in Palermo.

In April 2008 Gianluca and his sestet opened the Sicilia Jazz Winter Festival at Teatro Vittorio Emanuele, Messina. On July 3rd Gianluca Pellerito and friends performed at Spasimo Jazz Night. On that occasion besides the sestet, three special guest stars appeared: Giuseppe Milici (harmonica), Gigi Cifarelli (guitar), Simona Bencini (voice).

On August 25th 2008 Gianluca was a special guest at High Five Quintet, a group lead by the trumpet player Fabrizio Bosso who also invited Francesco Cafiso to perform with them.

On June 3rd 2009 Gianluca Pellerito was invited as a special guest at Fiorello Show in streaming on  SkyUno.  

On July 8th 2009 he was in New York with his quartet as a special guest at Italian Cultural Institute. At the age of 15 Gianluca is the youngest Italian musician playing in Park Evenue. 

On July 31st a great opportunity for Gianluca is represented by the "Three Drums Show", the show where he played with two huge musicians in the world: Alex Acuña and Peter Erskine, and the Orchestra with The Brass Group. 

On October 20th 2009 for Gianluca arrived his debut at Blue Note of Milan with the "Il Jazz a Modo Mio...", where he played with some of the most famous artists of  the international jazz. 

On December 27th 2009 the "Gianluca Pellerito and Friends" opened the winter Season of Cortina D'Ampezzo with a concert at Grand Hotel Savoia of Cortina.
Gianluca Pellerito Quartet