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The compagnia Rodisio was set up in 2005 by Manuela Capece and Davide Doro, who have been working together since 1997. The compagnia Rodisio takes its name from rodizio, a typical way to eat in South America. Rodizio is a place where you meet, where you casually sit at a table and spend the evening eating small portions of local dishes which keep on rotating until you feel like not eating anymore. It goes on for as long as it takes. It’s meeting and clashing every day with different needs and hunger.

The compagnia Rodisio works in Italy and abroad, produces shows for children and adults, and provides research and education projects for children, teens, and adults. Having its scenic language feed upon every day life, it grabs any surprising aspect of it that sticks out, and speaks, ironically and lightly of contemporary neurosis and distortions.

The compagnia Rodisio strives, with great passion, toward the idea of being open and of sharing, and tries to grow in its journey amongst the many different languages, cultures and audiences. The compagnia Rodisio is working from home, in Parma, Borgo Tommasini 25, and from wherever it may. For as long as it takes.