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Hanne Trolle


One day, a little girl comes to the Painteress to have her portrait painted. While the little girl is being painted she must sit still, and that is not easy when you would rather be moving and dancing. Time passes slowly – it actually comes to a complete stop. The Painteress has paintings from as far back as the Renaissance, The Baroque age, The Golden Age, Impressionism, and Contemporary Art. Together, the Painteress and the little girl look at the paintings, and in an enchanting way it is as if a hole appears in the paintings. A hole showing the little girl a way into the painting. Inside, behind the canvas, every painting has its own story to tell. The little girl experiences a completely new world. She meets a princess, a secret, a friend, a dream, and a lot more. And now suddenly, there isn’t enough time, the time has actually run away. Before the little girl even notices the time is up and her portrait is ready.

A Hole in the Painting is poetic journey through the history of art for small children, inspired by, among others, Botticelli, Velásquez, Vilhelm Kyhn, Van Gogh, Degas, Magritte and Miró.

Hanne Trolle started her own one-woman theatre in 1981 in Denmark and has specialized in theatre for the youngest kids. Hanne Trolle was the first person in Denmark to perform theatre for children as young as one and a half years old. She is known for producing poetic theatre for children with a high artistic standard.

Her performances are known to be visual, poetic and musical. Many of her performances are inspired by myths and legends from around the world. Even though, the primary target are children, the performances are also appreciated an adult crowd. Several of Hanne Trolle’s performances have been broadcast on Danish television. Hanne Trolle has directed theatre, opera and dance for children in Denmark and abroad. She has performed at festivals around the world. Especially in Japan, where she has been several times, her plays are cherished by both kids and adults.
Hanne Trolle