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Charalambos and Andreas Charalambous Shadow Theatre


The sovereign of a city worried about the pollution of the environment, asks for the help of a magician. The magician mobilizes a magic tree which punishes those who throw waste by changing their form. In order to return to their regular form they must regret their action and gather the waste. Help from the public is essential.

Charalambos Charalambous is a primary schoolteacher. He has dealt with the traditional Shadow Theatre (Karagiozis) since he became a teacher. He makes representations of Shadow Theatre in various events in Cyprus with his son Andreas. He collaborates with the cultural services of the Ministry of Education and television.

Watch Past Performances

Video 10/29/2011: Alexander the Great and the Cursed Snake (Cyprus)

The traditional Charalambos and Andreas Charalambous Shadow Theatre’s performance is centered on a town that calls on Alexander the Great to rescue its villagers from a giant snake. Part of Kids Euro Festival 2011.

Andreas Charalambous