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Teater Tre


Blocks (Kloss in Swedish) has evolved from two themes: building up or knocking down, which is more fun? As well as the difficulties of being together. Blocks is a story told with movements, slap-stick and humour. The concepts created by Sara Myrberg evolved from the collaboration of the cast, director and choreographer. Blocks has been touring throughout Sweden since it opened.

Sara Myrberg is artistic director and actor at Theatre Three and has created several pieces for small children. Myrberg holds a background in dance and mime with all her previous work having some form of a base in movement.

Per Dahlström and Bert Gradin are co-workers at Theatre Three. They have both appeared in several performances at Theatre Three and are former members of the famous Gycklargruppen.

Theatre Three is an independent theatre in Stockholm that has won international reputation beyond Sweden.
Teater Tre