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El Pueblo Canta


For more than 20 years, El Pueblo Canta, a well-known group of musicians from Tuta, Colombia, have won over audiences and festivals in the regions of in Boyacá, Santander, and Cundinamarca. The group formed on Christmas Day in 1989 after performing in a carnival in their home town of Tuta. They are composed of Álvaro Suesca, his sons Edixon Julian and Danny Leonel, and Eduardo Vega Guerrero. El Pueblo Canta plays la carranga, a style of folk music born of the Colombian Andes in the region of Boyacá. The musical genre originated in the 1970s and is typically characterized by its very fast, fierce, and cheerful play in celebration of folk traditions – a love for land, nature, and a positive outlook. El Pueblo Canta is known to play their own interpretation of la carranga, enriched with harmonic and melodic musical arrangements, and lyrics dedicated to their home in the boyacense countryside.

The group was three times winner of Mono Núñez Festival in the category of best Native Expression and Best Ensemble Board. This new album, Cantores y Bailadores, their sixth recording, compels listeners to dance in the season of the New Year. Songs include “A mi Vieja Escuelita”, “Parrandero Tiplecito”, “Conquiste El”, “Su Solita Con Ilusión”, “Entre Otros Homenaje a la Vida” and “Villancico Campesino”. The group has recorded with various bands from other regions, as well, especially in concert events, like Mono Núñez Festival in Ginebra, Valle del Cauca. They have also expanded their reputation internationally playing venues and festivals in Venezuela and Ecuador.
  El Pueblo Canta