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Beauty & Melody Orchestra of Sichuan


Beauty & Melody Orchestra of the Sichuan Song and Dance is an all-female ensemble from Sichuan Province. Founded in 2004, Beauty & Melody Orchestra is comprised of talented performers from China’s major music conservatories. Not solely skilled in the art of playing Chinese folk instruments, the group boasts diverse talents in singing, dancing, and performance as well. The Beauty & Melody members have become a hallmark of national prestige, often playing for various Chinese leaders and entertaining foreign dignitaries. With the endorsement of the State Council Information Office and the Ministry of Culture of the People’s Republic of China their spectacular performances have graced more than 20 nations around the world including Switzerland, the United States, South Africa, Mexico, and Spain.

The Orchestra’s performance range from fast, fashionable folk music to exotic displays of color and movement to tender tunes and gentle melodies. On a three-tier approach stipulating New Folk Musical Ideas, Vision, and Performance, the Orchestra revitalizes ancient Chinese traditions with an intellectually and visually modern appeal. Beauty & Melody dauntlessly challenges the traditional playing methods of their respective instruments, simultaneously displaying the elements of both classical and folk Chinese dance and music. The effect is a visual and auditory experience rich in the spirit and tradition of Chinese art and entertainment.

Watch Past Performances

Video 9/16/2011: Beauty & Melody Orchestra of Sichuan

The all-female Orchestra is skilled in all facets of performance and plays Chinese folk instruments and sings. Part of CHINA: The Art of a Nation.

Beauty and Melody Orchestra