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Angela Godoy


Montgomery, Maryland
Award of Excellence: $2,000
Age: 23
"Art is a means through which I could to conquer my physical disability. Through it, I found a world where my limitations were irrelevant."
Art has played a central role in Angela Godoy's whole life, but it gained importance after the onset of hemiplegia at age six. Art became a means of escaping the physical limitations of her childhood and, more recently, has become a mode of expressing the memories of physical and emotional pain.
 Godoy's self-portraits are delicate, multi-layered creations of black gesso, ink, and paper on which the artist scratches details with a sharp mat knife. The scratching is both an artistic release and a coping mechanism a way of "physically reacting to a past I have been unable to confront for the better part the past seventeen years of living with a physical disability."
Godoy holds an Associates of Arts degree in Fine Arts from Montgomery College and is currently pursuing her Bachelor of Arts in Painting at Maryland Institute College of Art.

Angela Godoy

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