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Arts on the Horizon was founded as a non-profit theater company with a specific focus of providing performances and education programs for young people ages zero to six years old. The arts play an important role in the life of a child, and the results can be seen through the development of their critical thinking skills, self-confidence, and independence. As a theater company intended for young audiences, they strive for excellence and innovation in theater for the very young, to produce and present high-quality theater for young audiences and their families, to look at including classic and contemporary plays in new ways, and focus on clear and accessible storytelling.

Performances are designed to take place in an intimate setting where children not only feel comfortable to learn and explore, but are also able to be an integral part of the performance. With the utmost respect for children’s education and development, Arts on the Horizon delivers, in what may be Kid’s first theatrical performance, entertainment, challenge, and the spark of creativity to enhance the imaginative play in which many children this age engage.

Each education program provides targeted exploration of themes and ideas in order to help children enhance their language development, socialization, and fine and gross motor skills; all within a meaningful, nurturing environment where children can develop their sense of self and increase their knowledge and understanding of the world around them.

Watch Past Performances

Video 5/7/2016: Target Family Night: Arts on the Horizon presents Blossom's Rainbow

Target Family Night: Arts on the Horizon presents Blossom’s Rainbow, a nonverbal theater piece celebrating Japanese culture and specifically designed for children ages 2–5. Infused with whimsical dance, vibrant colors, and dynamic live music, follow Blossom on her journey from the red mountains down to the indigo city after a painter’s brush sets the young cherry blossom’s world into motion.

Video 9/3/2011: Target Family Night: Arts on the Horizon

Drumming with Dishes is a 30-minute, non-verbal adventure about a toddler and her imaginary friend who cook up beautiful music by turning ordinary household items into extraordinary musical instruments. Part of Page-to-Stage.

Arts On The Horizon