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The New Familiars


For years now, North Carolina’s The New Familiars have been touring and playing their own style of American rock ‘n’ roll wherever and whenever they can. Drawing from the vast influences that they’ve assembled throughout their collective careers, this quartet has shaped a sound that combines the nitty-gritty roots music of Appalachia with guitar-drenched-drum-driven anthems of rock ‘n’ roll. Through collective songwriting, howling harmonies, and multi-instrumental talent, their show can take you from a back porch hoe-down to a full on rock show at the change of an instrument.

The New Familiars have played hundreds of shows from the sunny beaches of Florida to the bustling cities of Massachusetts and from the Tennessee Smokies to the Colorado Rockies. These gentlemen have seen some miles and have some stories. On an almost constant state of tour, they have managed to release a few EPs – The Storm (2007) and My Girl (2008); a live, self-titled album, The New Familiars: Live; and just this year, the band produced Between the Moon and the Morning Light, their first full-length album.

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Video 9/20/2011: The New Familiars

The North Carolina-based band combines nitty-gritty roots music with guitar-drenched, drum-driven rock ‘n’ roll anthems.

The New Familiars