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Aeroplio Theatre for children and young people was founded in 1985 in Athens, Greece. It is a member of the International Theatre Institute and the Europe Interplay Festival for Young Playwrights. Aeroplio has participated in foreign theater festivals in Munich, Paris, Ankara, Helsinki, London, Chelmsford, Plovdiv, Augsburg, and Kiev. Aeroplio has many performances for children of all ages from 3 to 18 years old, some of which are presented in English.

The theater has always focused on themes of ancient myths, European traditional tales, and world literature. Aeroplio presents storytelling performances for all ages and adults, using special elements. The narrator uses many objects to make the story come alive including puppets, masks shadows, props, and costumes. All its performances are based upon strong aesthetic material and stage designing, also using unique, non-traditionally-made masks, puppets, and small and large design objects. All the actors are professional and develop a strong stage-audience connection. Mr. Nickolas Kamtsis, the director, and Mrs. Mika Panagou, the stage designer, also founded the venue of Topos Allou Theatre, in 2000 at the same location where Aeroplio is based. For the last 12 years more than 60 performances for adults and children have been presented and many foreign groups from all over Europe have been hosted. Furthermore, in the last 16 years Aeroplio-Topos Allou Theatre has coordinated and participated in many European projects related to the Arts Theatre and Education. For more information please visit and

Watch Past Performances

Video 10/15/2011: Of Fire, Of Wind and Of the Road Without Return (Greece)

Of Fire, of the Wind, and of the Road Without Return is a musical fairytale about bravery, knowledge, intelligence, selflessness, and love. Part of Kids Euro Festival 2011.

Aeroplio Theatre