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Piip and Tuut are clown characters performed by Haide Männamäe (b.1971) and Toomas Tross (b.1966).  Piip and Tuut at Concert is their first performance which consists of original clown routines and slapsticks, acrobatics and singing.

Piip and Tuut at Concert is a story of two cleaners who end up on a stage by accident just before the beginning of a concert and they won't get off the stage before they show all their tricks. And if you ask them about the missed concert - they don`t know - they are cleaners. You should check the program of the concert hall yourself.

Piip and Tuut at Concert is Piip and Tuut Theatre's first performance what was created during many years of improvisation with audiences. It is suitable for all ages and made for those who love theater and circus at its best. 

Toomas Tross and Haide Männamäe have performed together as the clown duo Piip and Tuut (pip! and honk!) since 1999. They have completed their Theatre Faculty of Tallinn University 1988-93, and actor training at the Commedia School in Copenhagen 1995-97. They have participated at many clown, mime, and comedy workshops in Europe, including workshops with Dario Fo at “Commedia dell’arte Festival” and Simon McBurney at “Shakespere Company’s Workshop” in Copenhagen (1996), Jos Houben in Amsterdam (1998), Avner Eisenberg at “Tampere Theatre Festival” in Finland and Mick Barnfather in London (2002), Nola Rae at “Jyväskylä Art Festival” in Finland (2003). They have also taught acting in the theater department of a secondary school in Tallinn.

Since 2007, they have been teaching hospital clowns for the Clinic Clowns Eesti foundation, which connects hospitalized children with clowns and clown performances.

They have been members of The Association of Professional Actors of Estonia since 1993. Since 2008 Piip and Tuut Theatre is a member of ASSITEJ, an international association of theaters for children and young people.

Watch Past Performances

Video 10/24/2011: Piip and Tuut at Concert (Estonia)

Two clowns go to a concert hall for a fun-filled night of slapstick, song, and acrobatic mischief. Part of Kids Euro Festival 2011.

Piip and Tuut