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Where are the Poles of our Earth? Who lives there? Do penguins live in the North Pole or in the South Pole? So many things to learn! This play promotes environmental awareness, telling about the importance of polar regions to life on Earth, alerts for climate change, and its possible consequences. Actors and puppets, with their stories and songs, help us understand that simple actions can help change things for the better.  The play’s contents have been written under the supervision of Portuguese polar scientists.

Since its opening, The Poles of Our Earth has been shown in festivals, schools, and cultural events throughout Portugal, including the Portuguese Islands of Azores. The artists, Catarina Oliveira and Noélia Fernandes, have performed in schools and educational meetings, and have collaborated with the Children’s Museum in Lisbon, Portugal. An indication of their versatility, the artists have also worked as actors, scriptwriters, and designers, and have been awarded for an educational CD-ROM about keeping the environment healthy. For more information visit

Watch Past Performances

Video 11/3/2011: The Poles of Our Earth (Portugal)

Cativar presents a play about the polar regions through puppets, stories, and songs to help explain the consequences of climate change and how simple actions can help make things better. Part of Kids Euro Festival 2011.