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Théâtre Maât


The Théâtre Maât is like the Egyptian goddess of the same name (guardian of justice, harmony and universal equilibrium). It places man’s condition at the focus of its concerns. The shows are mainly musical. They tend to address social and environmental issues. The shows use humor, whimsy, and sympathy as antidotes to violence, and heartbreak.

History of Théâtre Maât:
- 1989 Noce, after Chekhov
- 1994 Dog Shelter, a cappella musical for nine singing actors
- 1995 Gulliver, after Jonathan Swift
- 1997 Bigfoot, Neanderthal musical about the meaning of life
- 1998 Eclipse, rock-opera about the accelerating pace of life
- 1999 Why Not Crazy, musical about utopia & quest for identity
- 2001 The Dog and the Magpie, fable without words about differences & solidarity
- 2002 The Forgotten, musical about wartime refugees
- 2003 Frankenstein and Frankenstein, story on cloning & scientific megalomania
- 2006 The Angel’s Leap, musical without words about parents’ legacy to their children
- 2008 The Night Before The Day, ordinary tale about hope today
- 2010 Ginkgo and the Gardner, poetic musical play on the lifecycle, co-produced with the Theatre Bouches Decousues of Montreal
- 2011 Grimm, a comedy about the Grimm brothers and the writing of their tales

Watch Past Performances

Video 11/8/2011: Banquise (“Iceberg”) (Belgium)

Théâtre Maât presents a humorous and moving musical without words that centers on an imaginary Arctic expedition involving a group of penguin circus performers and their caretaker. Part of Kids Euro Festival 2011.

Théâtre Maât