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The Georgetown Theatre Company


The Georgetown Theatre Company is dedicated to bringing great literature to the stage as live theatrical entertainment. It presents classic plays, as wells as plays based on classic literature.

In 1986, a group of actors and educators joined together to make classic theater fun and accessible to D.C. area children and youth.  The company’s first production was King George & the Dragon, an English folk play with a holiday theme.  When The Georgetown Theatre Company was founded in 1986, it was the only D.C. area theater, aside from the Shakespeare Theatre, dedicated to presenting a classical repertoire. A quarter of a century later, the company is bringing King George & the Dragon back to a new generation of D.C. children. 

Watch Past Performances

Video 12/17/2011: The Georgetown Theatre Company

The troupe brings classic literature out of the library and onto the stage with King George and the Dragon, a holiday-themed English folk play.

The Georgetown Theatre Company