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Dance Exchange breaks boundaries between stage and audience, theater and community, movement and language, and tradition and the unexplored.  Founded in 1976 by Liz Lerman and now under the artistic direction of Cassie Meador, Dance Exchange stretches the expressive range of contemporary dance through explosive dancing, personal stories, humor, and a company of performers whose ages span six decades. The work consists of formal concerts, interactive performances, specialized community residencies, and professional training in the art of community-based dance. An artist-driven organization, Dance Exchange employs a collaborative approach to dance making, administration, and implementation. Representing the multiple artistic voices of Dance Exchange, recent and current choreographic projects include explorations of coal mining, genetic research, radical prayer, human rights, particle physics, geology, and rest in a hyper-driven society.

Watch Past Performances

Video 5/31/2018: Dance Exchange

Join Dance Exchange for a performance that kicks off a weekend of activities that explore the powerful connections between performance, prayer, and protest, and bring us into conversation and action around issues and stories of migration, immigration, and journeys. Dance Exchange returns to Liz Lerman’s iconic work Still Crossing, and partners with local artists, local faith leaders, and the choir from All Souls Unitarian Church in a new performance work.

Photo Credit - Ben Carver

Video 4/10/2012: Dance Exchange

On the first day of a 500-mile walk to explore resources and the stories behind the distances they travel, Artistic Director Cassie Meador steps off the trail to present excerpts from her newest project, How to Lose a Mountain.

Dance Exchange