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Nathalie Pires


Nathalie Pires proudly represents what is arguably the oldest urban folk music in the world: Fado, the soul of Portugal. Her intense voice and raw emotion has gained her overwhelming recognition by the media and her international audiences as one of today's leading "Fadistas," a huge honor considering she was born and raised in the United States.

The success of her award winning debut album in 2007, Corre-me o Fado Nas Veias (Fado Runs in My Veins) led her to stages all over the United States and Canada.

Highlights of Ms. Pires’ career include a guest performance with world famous saxophone player Tim Ries' "Rolling Stone Project" concert in Austria, recording and performing with the orchestra Manhattan Camerata, United Nations in New York, VI Gala Amália, Museu do Fado, BAM (Brooklyn Academy of Music) in New York, and various performances in some of the most prestigious Fado houses in Lisbon, alongside living legends of the genre and accompanied by some of the best guitarists in the history of Fado.


Watch Past Performances

Video 5/14/2012: Nathalie Pires

The popular singer performs a program of traditional fado music. Presented in cooperation with the Embassy of Portugal.

Nathalie Pires