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Faycez U Know


Faycez U Know is an American soul and funk band with the drive of the D.C. Go-go swing, the showmanship of rock and roll, and a unique, versatile sound.

Faycez U Know are musicians determined to provide the entertainment of old school showstoppers while carrying the modern sound of music. Halima Peru hails from Miami, Florida, and so does her raw, sun-kissed voice. Sean (Kel,-el) Gross, delivers vocal satisfaction faster than a speeding bullet. Anthony (Tom Tom) Talley sprinkles beauty in the music on keyboards, while the bass is held down by the grand sound of bass player, Doc Hughes. The phenomenal percussion section, led by Craig (Clip) Clipper, and the energetic flow of drummer Mario (Rio) Ennis, give the beat something to fall inside. Then just when you think it’s over, there is Scott (Laroc) Carter, finishing it off with spoken word and rap.

On a quest to bring you the sound that makes you move to the music, it’s no wonder Faycez U Know is growing in popularity. The presentation will be just what the doctor ordered to sooth and lift your spirits; after all, music is medicine for the soul.
displays. The program also features other artistic responses to the AIDS crisis from the United States and South Africa as well as moderated conversations with project contributors, community leaders, and pioneers. Festival venues serve as sites for sharing and documenting visitors’ personal stories and expressions related to living in the age of HIV and AIDS.

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Video 7/1/2012: Faycez U Know

The soul and funk band from Maryland and Virginia has the drive of D.C. Go-Go swing, the showmanship of rock and roll, and a unique sound. Part of the 2012 Smithsonian Folklife Festival.

Faycez U Know