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Anthony Green


Anthony Green is a singer-songwriter from Holland, Pennsylvania. Mr. Green is the lead singer of the Philadelphia-based progressive punk act Circa Survive. Mr. Green’s music is a blend of emo, progressive, and experimental rock. He recorded his first solo album, Avalon, in 2008 and released his second full-length solo album, Beautiful Things, in 2012.

The love for the craft is evident in Beautiful Things. Beautiful Things is more rock-oriented than Mr. Green's 2008 solo debut. Various electronic and organic elements, including ukulele, weave their way in and out of Beautiful Things' sonic tapestry.

Mr. Green bares his soul and uses music as catharsis. Ultimately, whether the sound is a heavy rock anthem, an electronic interlude, or someone banging on a trash can with drum sticks, music helps Mr. Green express whatever is swirling around his brain.

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Video 7/8/2012: Anthony Green

The Philadelphia-based singer-songwriter and lead singer of alternative rock band Circa Survive gives a solo concert featuring a blend of emo, progressive, and experimental rock.

Anthony Green