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The Archives


The Archives began when Thievery Corporation's Eric Hilton began to explore the roots of reggae music. He contacted keyboard ace Darryl Burke to bring in players that would bring a progressive vibe to the music. After a year of writing and recording, The Archives was formed.

The band landed a two-year residency at Patty Boom Boom, where they honed their sound and built a loyal fan base. Their foundation is rooted in the rock steady and early dancehall reggae influences and includes arrangements that use funky instruments such as jazz flute and melodica. 

Their debut album, Archives, features 13 songs of soul. With deep roots in reggae, awareness of studio techniques, new approaches to improvisation, new paradigms for the concert experience, and greater social consciousness, The Archives are a 21st century band contributing to reggae’s evolution. Same tree, new leaves.

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Video 7/19/2012: The Archives

Listen Local First DC presents the D.C.-based reggae band and brainchild of Thievery Corporation’s Eric Hilton.

The Archives